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Meet YOur team

Dr. Paul Lund

Medical Director

Completing his undergraduate studies at Washington State University, Dr. Paul went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic where he graduated at the top of his class as a Doctor of Chiropractic.
As a provider with a natural approach to health care, he has always looked to help patients achieve total body wellness. By incorporating the Ideal Protein Protocol into his own practice in Washington, he found the perfect addition for his restorative approach to patient management.
Dr. Paul currently serves as Ideal Health’s medical director, reviewing health histories and providing the team with guidance specifically with patients who have a complex medical history.

Dylan Webb

Clinic Director, CHHC

Dylan is a husband, father of 2 children, and a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified holistic health counselor and he is board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

After he himself lost 50 pounds on the Ideal Protein protocol in 2010, he wanted to share it with others so he began to offer it in the Chiropractic office he worked in at the time. Dylan is passionate about healthy lifestyles and enjoys helping clients become a better version of themselves. He currently serves on the executive board of the Older Persons Action Group (OPAG) and enjoys officiating basketball for the Anchorage Sports Officials Association.

It has been a dream come true to open his own clinic and be able to do something he is truly passionate about every day, helping others succeed with changing their lifestyle and find a way of eating that works for them long term.

Patricia Zulkosky

Ideal Health Coach


Patricia Zulkosky, better known as “Z”, lost 135 pounds on the Ideal Protein protocol in 2016 and has since kept it off. Dylan convinced her to be a health coach. She’s been with Ideal Health for over 6 years!

With those pounds, “Z” also left behind a plethora of medications for diabetes and other conditions related to metabolic syndrome, a cost savings of thousands of dollars a month (fortunately she had insurance).

At Ideal Health, “Z” specializes in taking care of remote clients across Alaska. We have a growing number of clients who “Z” guides on their weight loss journeys that she calls for their consultations and receive their products by mail.

One of “Z’s” passions is cooking, and now she enjoys making many dishes that are Ideal Protein Protocol friendly, some of which she creates from scratch, and which she sometimes shares with clients and coaches. Her dream is do cooking classes for people trying to change to a healthier lifestyle. FUN FACT: “Z” LOVES PURPLE—purple clothing, purple hair, purple everything!

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